What our customers are saying!

The food was perfect and everyone enjoyed it! Your entire staff was amazing from start to finish and it was truly a pleasure to work with you all. It really put my mind at ease to know I was working with a caterer I could trust and didn't have to worry about anything ~ AW
So happy to have you in my life. Everything goes so smoothly and beautifully- consistently delicious and attractive
It's a true pleasure to work with businesses like yours. You really went above and beyond ~ DG
Thanks for the great party.  I watched the set up, turn to Magic…the food was BEYOND amazing…fresh pure ingredients. ~ JM
Both the food, as well as your presentation was wonderful ~ NS
Thank you for an absolutely  wonderful event yesterday. Everything  was simply fabulous and I have gotten so many compliments on the your food,  service and staff. ~ TH, Exton

January 2019

 January is a great time to celebrate the Holidays!  

Celebrating with your Team or your Clients is something to look forward to in January, when things have slowed down a bit.  Menus are below, let us know what might interest you, the Event date and we'll send a proposal.  

January Menu One

Choose one Soup-Vegetarian Pumpkin, Bean and Corn, Beef Vegetable Soup or Chicken Noodle Soup

Choose one Salad - Spring Mix with our Olive Oil Vinaigrette, Grilled Chicken and Croutons, Spring Mix with Chevre, Beets and Chive Vinaigrette or Spinach and Kale Salad with Sesame Vinaigrette, Craisins and Toasted Sunflower Seeds 

Included in this package - Turkey and Sundried Tomato Wraps and Grilled Veggie and Hummus Wraps, Fresh Fruit, biodegradeable Sugarcane plates, forks and napkins $13.50pp plus tax, equipment if needed and delivery.  Minimum 30 guests.   

January Menu Two

Choice of: Brisket of Beef with Merlot Sauce and Bacon  OR Chicken Breast with Julienne of Veggies and a Light Dijon Sauce 

Included in this package -Salad of Mixed Greens with House Vinaigrette,  Jasmine Rice Pilaf, Honey Ginger Carrots and Amy's Homemade Cookies, biodegradeable sugarcane plates, forks and napkins  $14.95 pp plus tax, delivery, equipment if needed.  Minimum 30 guests.

January Menu Three

Shrimp Cocktail with Classic Sauce (4pp),  Grilled Chicken Breast with Potstickers served with a Sesame Sauce, Salad of Mixed Greens with House Vinaigrette, Baked English Lemon Pudding with Berries and Amy's Cookies, biodegradeable sugarcane plates, forks and napkins.  $21.pp plus tax, delivery and equipment if needed.  Minimum 30 guests.

January Menu Four

Maple glazed roasted turkey breast sliced and served with sliced whole grain bread, condiments of red onion marmalade, cranberry chutney, Dijon and mayo, lettuce, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes.  Served with Platter of Veggies with Hummus, Mixed Green Salad with House Vinaigrette, Steak Chili (or substitute Vegetarian Cashew Chili) with Tortilla Chiffonade, Warm Cinnamon Apple Pear Crisp with Whipped Cream on the side, biodegradeable sugarcane plates, forks and napkins $18.95 pp plus tax, delivery and equipment if needed.  Minimum 30 guests.  

January Boxed Lunch

Large whole Shrimp and dill Wrap sandwich, Turkey Basil Club Wrap with Grilled Slaw, Fresh Fruit, Pickles, Potato Chips and Chocolate Cake with Caramel Icing Slice, fork and napkin, $11.25 pp plus tax, delivery.  Minimum 30 guests

Bause Catered Events limits the number of events that it handles on a particular day depending on the total number of type of events already booked. In other words, we sometimes stop taking reservations for a particular day rather than overloading our resources and risking the satisfaction of clients who have already booked our services. At Bause Catered Events we have chosen to totally satisfy our clients rather than just make another sale.

To put it another way, once we have said "yes" to a prospective client, that client can have total "peace of mind" that Bause Catered Events will dedicate all of its resources to the success of the event.